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Ian Renton
Managing Director

"I want to help you collect your money faster and at less cost. Debt Collection is all about efficiency."

Greg from
NAOL Australia Pty Ltd in
Taren Point, NSW says...

"Since we have been using your collection stickers, our payments are flowing nicely. It has improved our cash flow - we now have over 94% in receivables within 45 days! Used over time with your fantastic range of stickers, this system really works and is a must - saves time, money and hassle. Your customer service is also outstanding, a model for any small business."

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1.     Our stickers will help collect your money more quickly and increase your sales.

"Statistics have proven for every cent invested in purchasing your products it has resulted in

an addition of one dollar in increased profit to our business. Your products have proven

to be extremely beneficial in our success and we hope you can be of assistance to

our growing needs for many years to come."

- John R McKenzie, Sun City Locksmiths, Kippa-ring, Qld

2.     SAVE YOUR MONEY by ordering from our range of HALF PRICE stickers

3.    Over 500 stickers available to meet your needs

"I would like to thank the staff of ACS for their professional service and assortment of stickers

that we use. We find there is a sticker for any occasion and by using the appropriate

stickers on our invoices we have obtained over a 95% return on moneys owing to us.

Thanks again for the novel idea."

- Steve Manhaert, Mann Mechanical, Tin Can Bay, Queensland.

4.    We are constantly improving and introducing NEW STICKERS so you can benefit and collect your

       money more quickly as we increase our already extensive range of stickers.

5.     Our stickers will save you time.

"Thank you for all your help. I would like to add that the stickers for credit collection have

indeed made it easier to collect money. I usually get ignored if I phone, but put a sticker on

and I can almost guarantee payment within a few days."

- Shelley of Cyclone Computer Co, Christchurch, New Zealand

6.     Our stickers are inexpensive. Less than 20 cents for a typical order of over 600 stickers.

7.     Easy to order. With only a minimum total order of 60 stickers. Order online or ring 1800 226 202

        for Australia or 0800 128 727 for New Zealand.

8.     FREE CATALOGUES. Request our free Collection, Christmas or Medical catalogue.

9.     120% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That's right the worst that could happen is you will make a profit
        of 20%. If these stickers don’t help you collect your money more quickly or improve your customer
        relationships, I will refund your money plus 20%. Does this sound fair?

10.    CUSTOM LABELS You can have a label designed especially for your business. High quality custom

         labels are available using up to four colours in short, medium or long runs. Click here for an online quote.

        To request a FREE quotation on your custom label send an email to

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