Feedback From Our Customers...




Cheryl Smith from Markplan Consulting Ltd in North Shore City, New Zealand said:


“I just read your book, Debt Collection Made Easy”, and am pleased to say though that I really enjoyed it! It was easy to read, easy to
understand and a useful tool to give to staff members and add more insight into their “accounts receivables role”.


Also, I gleaned some great tips such as the registered mail letter at final demand stage – a unique idea. Thanks.
Your statement at 45 days is also a good idea.


I would like to congratulate you on your outlook and philosophy on dealing with the customer/debtor. It’s positive and focussed on
retaining business. This resonated with us as this is how we like to do business (which is probably why we have so few bad debts).
Well done. A book not at all dry and boring on what could be a very dry subject.”








Bob Smith from Thermo Tech in Auckland, New Zealand said:


“I enjoyed reading your Debt Collection Made Easy book. I took up your advice from Chapter 8. This has saved me time and also

provided better cash flow at a time of the month when we normally get very few payments.  It also gets my bill to the front of the

list for payments on the 20th of the month.”








Ken Bellchambers from Mr Freeze Trading Pty Ltd in Riverstone, NSW said:


 “The Debt Collection Made Easy book is an easy read with practices that can and will recover debts. Ideal for those

people/businesses that may be new to debt collection or need their procedures improved. It is easily referenced

based on the areas where you may require assistance. Solid ideas with tried and true practices that should

make it an essential reference for businesses. I was particularly interested in the last chapters in respect of debt

recovery after all other avenues had been exhausted.”