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Ian Renton
Managing Director

"I want to help you collect your money faster and at less cost. Debt Collection is all about efficiency."

Greg from
NAOL Australia Pty Ltd in
Taren Point, NSW says...

"Since we have been using your collection stickers, our payments are flowing nicely. It has improved our cash flow - we now have over 94% in receivables within 45 days! Used over time with your fantastic range of stickers, this system really works and is a must - saves time, money and hassle. Your customer service is also outstanding, a model for any small business."

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Reminder sticker takes sting out of debt collection
Report: Mark Lawson
Australian Financial Review, March 20-21, 2010 (Page 18).

The goods and services have been provided, and the invoice has been sent out. Now all that remains is for the customer to pay the bill when, or hopefully before, it comes due.
But what happens if no cheque arrives?

Ian Renton, managing director of Australian Credit Stationers, has written Debt Collection Made Easy which he has self-published and is marketing on the internet.

He says he does not chase a debt just because it’s a few days overdue. That is a very costly exercise, especially as he has lots of small accounts to deal with. Instead, he uses his own product, overdue reminder stickers that can be attached to invoices when they are sent out again. Usually this is when the debt becomes 45 days and 60 days overdue. Australian Credit Stationers distributes the reminder stickers, among other products, to credit managers.

That is sufficient for the vast majority of customers who are taking longer than they should to pay bills and does not annoy them.

“It may be a good customer who has just lost the invoice or it is on the bottom of a stack of other invoices, and you don’t want to call a few days over the time asking for your money,” Renton says. “You want them to keep doing business with you.”

So that means a friendly reminder at different time. When the bill gets past 75 days overdue that is the time to call, he says.

A lot of the remaining overdue debts will come in after you do finally call, Renton says, but there will be some people who cannot pay because they have gone bankrupt or the company has gone into receivership. Then there will be a few who simply don’t want to pay, and then you have to resort to the courts.

The system for collecting debts through the courts varies in each state, Renton says, but in NSW it is relatively simple to get an order from a magistrate. If you fill out the required form yourself, a $200 debt may cost another $200 in court costs, including the cost to send in the bailiffs with an order to seize assets. But those costs can be added on to the original bill, so that the $200 debt becomes $400.

Fortunately it is rare that matters go as far as bailiffs seizing assets. The debtor will suddenly produce the money.

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