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Ian Renton
Managing Director

"I want to help you collect your money faster and at less cost. Debt Collection is all about efficiency."

Greg from
NAOL Australia Pty Ltd in
Taren Point, NSW says...

"Since we have been using your collection stickers, our payments are flowing nicely. It has improved our cash flow - we now have over 94% in receivables within 45 days! Used over time with your fantastic range of stickers, this system really works and is a must - saves time, money and hassle. Your customer service is also outstanding, a model for any small business."

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  How would you like to collect your money more quickly and at the same time increase your repeat sales by fostering better relationships with your customers and staff. This is our goal at Australian Credit Stationers.
  Currently, over 50,000 businesses all over the world use collection stickers, thank you stickers and Christmas stickers from Australian Credit Stationers on a regular basis. These stickers really do work. They help boost your cash flow and encourage your customers to want to continue to do business with you again and again.
  Here is what our customers say about our stickers.

Your Stickers Were Exactly What We Were Looking For

"We received your first package of stickers. They are wonderful! Exactly what we were looking for and I want to personally thank you for also sending a copy of your book. It is a valuable reference for anyone coming into our industry and as well it will help me in training someone to help me. Very kind of you! "
- Chantale Dambrosiomorin, Morin Bros Inc,
Ontario, Canada

My Success In Getting My Customers To Pay Is Because Of Your Stickers

"I have been following your advice regarding debt collection for some time now, and it has worked a treat for my company.

Because of the stickers, I have kept my cash flow at a maximum and my outstanding accounts to a minimum. I choose stickers which catch my eye and have over 16 different designs so that I don't use the same ones monthly. I think my success in getting my customers to pay is attributed to sending out letters with the colourful stickers on the same day of the month, every month, and record the number I give the sticker on the debtors ledger. If I have had no response within five days of sending the sticker, I follow up with a phone call. None of my accounts are over 45 days overdue with this method.

I could not have done it without your wonderful book or your monthly email newsletters. I have also purchased many stickers to express to customers how much I appreciate their business and prompt payment. All that goodwill pays off in the long run, as customers like to hear positive things and not only be contacted for bad news. Thank you, Mr. Renton."
- Elana Kolman, Facet Engineering,
Malaga, Western Australia

Your Stickers Have Helped Us Achieve A 95% Return On Money Owing To Us

"I would like to thank the staff of ACS for their professional service and assortment of stickers that we use. We find there is a sticker for any occasion and by using the appropriate stickers on our invoices we have obtained over a 95% return on moneys owing to us. Thanks again for the novel idea."
- Steve Manhaert, Mann Mechanical,
Tin Can Bay, Queensland

Stickers For Credit Collection Have Made It Easier To Collect Money

"Thank you for all your help. I would like to add that the stickers for credit collection have indeed made it easier to collect money. I usually get ignored if I phone, but put a sticker on and I can almost guarantee payment within a few days."
- Shelley of Cyclone Computer Co,
Christchurch, New Zealand

Your Products Have Proven Extremely Beneficial

"Statistics have proven for every cent invested in purchasing your products it has resulted in an addition of one dollar in increased profit to our business. Your products have proven to be extremely beneficial in our success and we hope you can be of assistance to our growing needs for many years to come."
- John R McKenzie, Sun City Locksmiths
Kippa-Ring, Queensland

  To place an order simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button underneath the product you wish to order and then type in the quantity you require. You must click on the 'Update Cart' button each time you add a product to the shopping cart to ensure that it is recorded. Then when you have finished click on the 'Check Out' button and follow the simple prompts.
  You can also order offline by sending an email to or calling us on
                                              9674 2260,    
    if in Sydney
                                              1-800 226 202,  if outside Sydney or
                                              0800 128 727,   if in New Zealand

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  The first thing to do when collecting money is to send your customer an invoice. On this invoice, you need to clearly state your terms of trade. One way to do this is with a terms of payment sticker. We have available COD stickers, Pay on Invoice stickers, 7 day stickers, 14 day stickers, 21 day stickers and 30 day stickers.
  When an account is overdue for the first time, we recommend you use early reminder stickers. Often, this sticker will prompt your debtor to pay, so no other collection action is needed.
  The second time an account is overdue, you need to ask for your money in a slightly stronger way. Effective stickers for this situation are query stickers. The third time the account is overdue, an even more strongly worded sticker should be used. We refer to these stickers as pressure to pay stickers. The last sticker to use is the final notice sticker. Every sticker used will bring in a high percentage of accounts owed. There is no need to wait a long time for your money!
  We also recommend you use stickers to thank your customers for their business or prompt payment or welcome them to your company. Thank you stickers can help your customers know that you care about them. You have gone out of your way to let them know you really do appreciate their business. As a result, many of your customers will like doing business with you and will buy from you more often.
  Use thank you stickers on your statements, letters, receipts, quotes or packages. Never miss an opportunity to thank your customers. Why not thank your customers for their business at the end of the financial year or wish them a Happy Easter or a Merry Christmas.
  As well as the stickers, we also have available a number of other products to help you collect your money more quickly or boost your relationships with your customers or your staff.


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